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Hot Rolled Profiled Steel

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Special-shaped steel is the abbreviation of complex and special-shaped section steel, which belongs to a kind of section steel, and is different from the name of simple section steel. According to different processes, it can be divided into hot-rolled special-shaped steel, cold-drawn (cold-drawn) special-shaped steel, cold-formed special-shaped steel, welded special-shaped steel, etc. Usually special-shaped steel refers to hot-rolled special-shaped steel. Hot-rolled special-shaped steel is a hot-rolled steel that distinguishes square steel, round steel, flat steel and common shapes.

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Standard: ASTM, national standard
Place of Origin: Shandong, China
Model: Industrial Tube
Type: seamless
Steel grade: 304
Application: Petroleum, chemical industry, mechanical equipment
Welding wire type: seamless
Tolerance: ±20%
Level: 201

Product name: stainless steel special-shaped tube
Size: 3mm-219mmx6M
Minimum order quantity: 3 tons
Material: 201
Delivery time: 7-30 days
Payment method: wire transfer/letter of credit/letter of credit
Color: silver
Usage: Industrial/Construction
Certification: Major

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Special-Shaped Steel4
Special-Shaped Steel1
Special-Shaped Steel

Product Features

Because of the particularity and singularity of its use, special-shaped steel often has higher requirements for accuracy than simple-section steel, which has higher requirements on the capabilities of the equipment. Because of its complex cross-section shape, especially special-shaped steel for many specific occasions, there is even little experience to learn from, which makes the pass design and production more difficult than simple cross-section steel. Therefore, the production cost of special-shaped steel is higher than that of simple-section steel. Because of the large difference in shape and size of special-shaped steel, many of them are dedicated to a certain industry or specific occasions, so the market demand for a single variety is often not very large. Therefore, the scale of the profiled steel production system is often not very large.

Product Description

Sectional steel is one of the four major types of steel (shaped, wire, plate, and tube), and it is a widely used steel. According to the section shape, section steel is divided into simple section section steel and complex or special section section steel (special-shaped steel). The characteristic of the former is that tangents made at any point on the periphery of the cross section generally do not intersect in the section. Such as: square steel, round steel, flat steel, angle steel, hexagonal steel, etc.; common special-shaped steels include hot-rolled window frame steel, ploughshare steel, hot-rolled section steel for automobile wheel retaining rings, hot-rolled section steel for track plates, and automobile wheel rims. Hot rolled section steel, steel rail, flat ball steel for shipbuilding, cable coil steel, scraper steel, etc.


Product name

Stainless steel special-shaped tube




3 tons



Delivery date

7-30 days

Payment methods

Wire transfer, letter of credit



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