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Boiler Vessel Alloy Steel Plate

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Bridge steel plate is a thick steel plate specially used for manufacturing bridge structural parts. It is made of carbon steel and low-alloy steel for bridge construction. The end of the steel number is marked with the word q (bridge).

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Used for building railway bridges, highway bridges, sea-crossing bridges, etc. It is required to have high strength, toughness, and to withstand the load and impact of rolling stock, and to have good fatigue resistance, certain low temperature toughness and atmospheric corrosion resistance. The steel for tie-welding bridges should also have good welding performance and low notch sensitivity.

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Steel plate(s) for bridges

Carbon steel for bridge construction includes A3q for riveting bridge structures and 16q for welding bridge structures; low-alloy steel for bridge structures includes 12Mnq, 12MnVq, 15MnVNq, 16Mnq, etc. The thickness of the bridge steel plate is 4.5-50 mm.


Classification by thickness
Thin steel plate <4 mm (the thinnest 0.2 mm), thick steel plate 4-60 mm, extra-thick steel plate 60-115 mm. The width of the thin plate is 500-1500 mm; the width of the thick plate is 600-3000 mm. The steel type of thick steel plate It is basically the same as the thin steel plate. In terms of products, in addition to bridge steel plates, boiler steel plates, automobile manufacturing steel plates, pressure vessel steel plates and multi-layer high-pressure vessel steel plates, which are purely thick plates, some types of steel plates such as automobile beam steel plates (thickness 2.5-10 mm), pattern Steel plates (thickness 2.5-8 mm), stainless steel plates, heat-resistant steel plates, etc. are crossed with thin plates. 2. The steel plate is divided into hot-rolled and cold-rolled according to rolling.

Classified by purpose
(1) Bridge steel plate (2) Boiler steel plate (3) Shipbuilding steel plate (4) Armor steel plate (5) Automobile steel plate (6) Roof steel plate (7) Structural steel plate (8) Electrical steel plate (silicon steel sheet) (9) Spring steel plate ( 10) Other

Classified by structure
1. Steel plate for pressure vessel: Use capital R to indicate at the end of the grade. The grade can be expressed by yield point or carbon content or alloying elements. Such as: Q345R, Q345 is the yield point. Another example: 20R, 16MnR, 15MnVR, 15MnVNR, 8MnMoNbR, MnNiMoNbR, 15CrMoR, etc. are all represented by carbon content or alloying elements.
2. Steel plate for welding gas cylinders: Use capital HP to indicate at the end of the grade, and its grade can be expressed by yield point, such as: Q295HP, Q345HP; it can also be expressed with alloying elements, such as: 16MnREHP.
3. Steel plate for boiler: Use lowercase g to indicate at the end of the brand name. Its grade can be expressed by yield point, such as: Q390g; it can also be expressed by carbon content or alloying elements, such as 20g, 22Mng, 15CrMog, 16Mng, 19Mng, 13MnNiCrMoNbg, 12Cr1MoVg, etc.
4. Steel plates for bridges: Use lowercase q to indicate at the end of the grade, such as Q420q, 16Mnq, 14MnNbq, etc.
5. Steel plate for automobile beam: Use capital L to indicate at the end of the grade, such as 09MnREL, 06TiL, 08TiL, 10TiL, 09SiVL, 16MnL, 16MnREL, etc.

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